Sanjay Rohit RC.Hom

PURE HOMPATHY CARE CLINIC- Registered Homeopath in Auckland, Sanjay is available for Homeopathic Consultations via skype or in clinic based, to assist you on your journey to overall health and happiness. An in depth consultation with each individual for both chronic and acute conditions in adults and children. House call for patients unable to come to the clinic.

Pure Homeopathy Care Clinic was started by homeopathic Practitioner Sanjay Rohit, a homeopathic Practitioner who has been helping people with miracles of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a holistic method of health, placing equal importance on the mind, body, soul and spirit and by addressing the person as an individual, goal is to help people stay healthy, the natural way, body does not need chemicals to fight against outside pollution and morbid agents. All we need is tranquillity between body and mind. Homeopathy has solution to mind and body relationship.

Pure Homeopathy Care

Clinic- Open 7days.
2/59 Alfriston Road
Manurewa East, Auckland 2102

022 186 3027

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