Pauline Cochrane Acute Prescriber

I come to the world of homeopathy after 35 years employed as a Sales Representative for multi-national pharmaceutical companies in Australia and have had an interest in alternative medicine modalities for a very long time.  When I saw an advertisement for a Reiki “energy healing” course in 1994 I decided to undertake all three levels of Reiki training and saw some surprising results over the years.


As I believe in lifelong learning, upon my retirement I started exploring other forms of complementary modalities such as herbalism, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy.  A family member who had been using homeopathy for many years encouraged me to explore homeopathy as an option. I enrolled with the College of Natural Health & Homeopathy in 2020 and completed my Acute Diploma in Homeopathy in December 2021.


What appeals to me with homeopathy is it takes into account all the symptoms a person is experiencing and then matches those symptoms to a similar remedy – called the law of similars.


My appointments are via Zoom or telephone.

 If you have an acute illness you can contact me:

 ph   021 102 8536

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