Nipun Marjara RC.Hom

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I, Nipun had graduated with a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery in 2009 and built a strong practice. In 2014, I added another jewel into my crown as a Public Health qualification (from AUT) to enhance my carrier with a strong focus mindset and now working as Health Promotion Officer with PHO. Even learning a different aspect or approach towards the understanding of lifestyle diseases now a days with being a part of the Australian society of lifestyle medicine. My journey of Homoeopathy started when I got to know about my father’s epilepsy conventional treatment of 13 years did not work but Homoeopathy cured him in 8 months. I found my pathway of life where I decided to provide the best holistic mode of treatment to the community.

Homoeopathy is such a powerful branch of medicine where I am getting astonishing results not only for acute but for long-term health conditions too by understanding person as a whole rather than just prescribing system-wise. I always educate patients about health, disease & wellness and empower them to take charge of their life. Apart from a health professional, I am a sportsman and an inspirational speaker. Love exercise, yoga, cycling & spends time with nature and books.