Mona van Velzen Intern

At a young age, I was introduced to homeopathy through my parent, complaints I had could not be resolved through regular medicine in a satisfactory way. The homeopath that treated me was able to delve into root causes, which at the time I found somewhat weird to be honest. But the results were incredible. Ever since I have been passionate about homeopathy. It is all-natural and considers the whole human being, the power of your own body is simply incredible.

My own experiences are countless, the one that stands out is that after the birth of my third child I was bedridden due to pelvis instability. Again, regular medicine prescribed medication to treat symptoms rather than the root cause. The remedy I was prescribed by my homeopath, resulted in rapid improvements. The combination of pain killers and homeopathic remedies was very effective in the short and especially the long run.

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