Heidi Beck RCHom

I have been in practice since 2011 and I am as passionate as ever to holistically support who comes to see me.
Regaining and maintaining health can be a journey but change and subsequent success can be made easier by stimulating mind and body to re-balance and heal. Homeopathy does this in a very gentle and effective way which is suitable from pregnancy through to old age. Whether you are acutely ill or have had the complaints for years and want another approach, homeopathy is worth considering.

To find out more about homeopathy and what else I offer, some testimonials, my qualification and experience and to listen to some of my radio talk shows, please visit my blog website (link below) or FB page: THRIVEHOMEOPATHYNZ

If you are still unsure about booking a consult with me, I offer free 15 minute chats where you can ask all the questions you need answered.

Thrive Homeopathy
1 Lambton Road
Hospital Hill

021 335233

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