Grace Catley RC.Hom

Grace is a homeopath with over ten years clinical experience. She is based in Nelson, New Zealand. Her clinic is open weekdays and Saturday mornings. Skype consultations are available for those outside Nelson and international clients.  Families who wish to support their babies and children through childhood issues as naturally as possible seek Grace out. She offers classical treatment, remedies to support women in pregnancy and labour, homeoprophylaxis and kits for travels.  Clients with chronic physical health issues come for support with detoxification and rebuilding immune strength.

Addictions, anxiety and mood disorders are on the rise in our community. Clients report benefiting from both the homeopathic consultation and the individualised remedy choice.  Grace has been a background in teaching and organics. She is passionate about natural health, environmental issues, and her family and friends.

580 Main Road

022 1312212

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