Carrie Thomas RC.Hom

Carrie Thomas takes an integrative approach to working with patients. She works not only with homeopathy in practice, but also in utilising her knowledge of the mind/body connection, regenerative optimal nutrition and the gut/brain axis, homeobotanical and herbal medicine, child and human development, breathwork, consciousness, core counselling, mindfulness and the emergent science of epigenetics- the influences from the field around us which impress upon us in every way.  She offers a bio-resonance hair indexing scan which tests for over 800 influences from inner and outer environments which effect one’s overall health and wellbeing at a cellular level.  The scan utilises a Tesla technology and is the quantum advancement of hair tissue analysis, (non-static).

Carrie works with individuals, children and family constellations-  and is a consultant for farmers who utilise homeopathy and holistic medicine for their animals, pastures, paddocks and production gardens.

Before practicing complimentary and homeopathic medicine and counselling, Carrie was a Rudolf Steiner teacher and Biodynamic gardener who has taught teachers, children, parents and farmers. She has qualified as a homeopath in both the United States and in New Zealand and practices part time at her clinic in rural mid- Canterbury, and in Christchurch city and it’s surrounds . Carrie makes paediatric and elderly home visits and sees patients around the globe via the world wide web.

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