Anne Youngs RC.Hom


I have been showing my love for holistic therapies for around 15 years as well as ideas on how to achieve optimum health. 

I first was introduced to homeopathy while I was a Registered Nurse and as a new mother. I was amazed at the body’s response to homeopathy that it made me look at it in more detail, which then lead me to study it at The Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy, graduating in 2007.

Homeopathy differs from conventional medicine in a way to stimulate and support the body’s innate healing mechanism to bring back optimum balance and health. It addresses the underlying cause of your symptoms, rather than suppressing them.  Remedies are prescribed according to your symptoms which makes it individual to you.

I work with people of all ages, from new-born, children, teenagers, men and women at all stages of life with a wide range of health concerns. 

To complement homeopathy I use my clinical nursing experience and other natural therapies such as Reiki, AromaTouch, doTerra Essential Oils, kinesiology, First Light Flower Essences and crystal healing.


Anne Youngs RC Hom

247 Greenvale Road

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Tel:  021 1403935

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