Meet the Execs

The executive is currently comprised of 5 members (all registered and practising homeopaths) and presided over by the President Sue Fitzgibbon. We come from a diverse range of geographical locations, previous professions, experience and expertise but have a common love of our profession.

We  share a vision that the NZCH continues to be a dynamic, professional and supportive representation of all our members. The following extracts introduce your dedicated team to you in the hope that you can understand and appreciate them more fully or direct any queries to the most appropriate person.

All our administration is directed by Helen Kennedy, also a registered and practising homeopath who also has six years experience as an executive member.

NZCH President

Sue Fitzgibbon

For over 200 years Homeopaths have offered a valuable addition to conventional medicine that is effective, safe and has an enormous cost advantage. Too few people in our communities know that or take advantage of it. The council is working hard to lift the profile of Homeopathy using advertising, marketing and coordinating research availability. It is an exciting time to be on the council.

Tanja Baker

I joined NZCH as an executive member in 2019.

Problem solving is what I enjoy and have therefor put my hand up to suuport our exec team in techincal matters such as adding website content. So please contact me if you would like your member profile edited on our website.  Always happy to help and also open for new ideas and suggestions for content.


I am also the NZ representative for the International Council of Homeopathy ICH.

Heidi Beck

Since my graduation from the Wellington College of Homeopathy in November 2012 I have been working from my home based clinic, THRIVE homeopathy  in Napier.  Being part of a group gives us motivation, strength and direction.

It is an honour to work alongside other homeopaths to represent the homeopathic community in NZ as of October 2018. I will do my best to bring ideas on how to support each other and to improve public opinion on the valuable work we do as health care providers. Together with Tanja I manage the website content and design.

Please feel free to contact me.

Liane Donovan

 Liane has spent the past 30 years as a communications professional working in New Zealand, Australia, England and the Middle East.  She has always had a passion for animal health and welfare and has been a longstanding supporter of animal rescue and welfare groups both in New Zealand and internationally.  As well as fostering SPCA animals, Liane also boards Guide Dogs and works with dog rescue organisations.

As a fully qualified Animal Homeopath (graduated from the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy, Auckland in 2018) Liane is now transitioning out of running her public relations agency and fulfilling her dream of assisting animals with their health and wellbeing. She joined the Executive of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths in 2019 with a view to being a voice for New Zealand’s animal homeopaths and using her marketing and public relations skills to promote homeopathy.

Angela Ivory


Jasvir Kaur


NZCH Admin

Helen Kennedy

I studied at the Australian College of Natural Medicine and graduated with a Degree in Health Science in 2005. We then moved to Christchurch after 9 years in Brisbane where the climate was very different, although I do not miss the heat of Australia at all. Having moved to Auckland in 2013 to be a part of my grandchildren’s lives for 6.5 years we have recently returned to live in the South Island and happily settled here in Rangiora where I have a clinic set up.

My role as the Secretary/Treasurer for NZCH is varied, interesting and the perfect balance to go with my practice. I assess 3rd and 4th year students when they are taking their cases from their 3rd year of study. This is either done in person or via skype.  

As Secretary I handle all inquiries and do all the admin for the executive team. I handle the finances for all conferences and meetings and the day to day running of the Council. I am always being informed of what is happening with Homeopathy around the world which I then share to the registered members of the NZCH.  I consider my life to be a wonderful balance with Homeopathy, family, friends and I enjoy tennis and walking.