Gwyneth Evans

My own personal journey, life experience, explorations and study of many healing practices have given me a broad base of understanding that I bring to my clinical practice.

I like to use homeopathy, plus this wisdom and understanding to help people to empower themselves to health.

Mary Glaisyer

I graduated from the College of Homeopathy in London in 1986 and have been practising in Nelson since 1988. I have taught at several Homeopathic Colleges throughout New Zealand.  I offer consultations at my home clinic and via skype to anywhere in the world.  I offer treatment for the following conditions: childhood ailments, hormonal problems, anxiety, depression, insomnia, musculo-skeletal problems and gastro-intestinal issues. This is not an exhaustive list. I was made an honorary life member of the NZCH in 2011. I have published two books, “ The Special Therapeutics of Bruce Barwell” and “ Homeopathy for Childbirth.”

Joan Goddard

Joan Goddard is a Registered Classical Homeopath with the New Zealand Council Of Homeopaths. She has earned a Diploma in Homeopathy from the Australasian College of Homeopathy, a Diploma in Homeopathy from the Wellington College of Homeopathy, a Post Graduate Diploma in Homeopathic Drug Transmission (India) and an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy from the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy. Other studies include: a Certificate in Adult Teaching, plus Training the Trainers’ course, Assessors and Moderators training, Bach flowers, New Zealand flower essences, moon essences, counselling skills, animal health, herbal medicines, vitamin therapy, allergies and diet modification and Reiki. “Homeopathy is more than a career,” says Joan. “It is an obsession and a passion in my life.” Her practice is a happy mix of animals and people. She has clients with animals all over the country, which stay in touch with her by phone. Other clients, who live closer, bring themselves or their animals to her practice for consultations. She has a commitment to excellence in her practice and prefers a co-operative approach to treatment of clients or, in other words, the client attaining the wellness of their choice, including those with terminal illness. In the case of animals, she works with the owner to maximise the animal’s physical and emotional health in a realistic and beneficial manner to the animal and the owner.

Ann Gulley

Ann Gulley, a registered nurse for 50 years and homeopath, has been driven in her pursuit of the advancement of homeopathy. 

Her introduction to homeopathy began with her young children’s recurring health problems and at her husband’s suggestion, she consulted a homeopath – Derek Briggs. That opened her eyes and mind to the power of homeopathy. 

Needing to know more, Ann did a homeopathic first aid course which then expanded into learning about polycrests and case taking. That whet her appetite and she enrolled at the Auckland College of Homeopathy in the mid 1990s for the four year diploma course. 

After graduating in 1997 Ann stayed on as a tutor and went on to create the Anatomy and Physiology course. She then became the College’s Medical Science Coordinator, responsible for the overall A&P curriculum and writing all the exams. She returned to the books in 2001 to get an Advanced Diploma from the College. 

Ann also sat on the NZCH’s education sub committee and threw her energy into getting homeopathy to NZQA standards. She was also NZCH’s representative on the National Health Council. Six years on the NZCH Executive followed where Ann focused on policy standards, in particular the development of the complaints procedure and code of ethics. Ann wanted homeopaths to be professional and accountable. 

Ann credits Derek Briggs for her love of homeopathy. “Derek had amazing foresight and I wouldn’t have practiced how I do if he hadn’t been open minded to modern philosophy.” 

One of Ann’s early cases is always top of mind when talking about the success of homeopathy. 

“A young lady in her early 30s came to me with Crohn’s Disease. She was already booked in to have part of her bowel removed and a colostomy bag put in. I was her last resort. I can’t even remember the remedy now, but she didn’t need to have that surgery. That young girl’s life had been turned around by homeopathy. That sort of success keeps you going.” 

While Ann is winding down her practice she still sees her regular clients and those directly referred to her. 

Susanna Shelton

I have been a homeopathic practitioner, educator and manager since the 1980s. My special area of practice has been peri natal homeopathy— helping pregnant women, midwives and newborns with homeopathic medicine. I’ve taught homeopathy professionally since 1991, predominantly in New Zealand, Australia but also in my native USA as well as Hong Kong, I provide supervision to senior colleagues and regulatory advice and mentoring to homeopathic businesses. I have a passion too, for the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices— especially great nutrition, yoga and meditation. I consider myself a lifelong learner and will continue to share my love and respect for homeopathy for many years to come.