Official Covid Response in New Zealand: 

Please refer to the following links as official sources of up to date information of Covid 19 and the medical response in NZ.

This information has been collected to support you in your work as a Homeopath.



“The following is a compilation of Covid-19 responses from homeopaths, both locally and internationally.  The recommendations expressed in this document are the authors’ own and are not in any way endorsed or recommended by NZCH.  The use of any of this information is at your own discretion.”

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These charts by Dr Prafull Vijayakar are a guide to help you with homeopathic prescribing.

Clificol is a cloud-based database designed to collect clinical cases of homeopaths worldwide. The Clificol team has created a specific project to collect data on the use of homeopathy as adjunctive care in the treatment of Covid-19-virus patients. This includes the possibility of finding one or more genus epidemicus remedies, based on confirmed large-scale data.

Homeopaths have a long experience (more than 200 years) with the treatment of epidemic diseases, often with promising results, but the effectiveness of homeopathy in COVID-19 patients is currently unknown​. 

The Clificol COVID-19 Support Project has a Governance Committee representing 197 professional homeopathic associations around the world. COVID-19 experiences of homeopaths from all over the world are being systematically collected and subjected to further confirmation / research.

Aggregated data including the prevalence of the most common remedies and rubrics will be visible for all participants in real time.