Revision & Renewal
– A Healing Retreat with Declan Hammond –

Working together for three days, in a safe residential setting, participants will deeply explore living and working from an energetic (chakra) perspective. During our time together we will support each journeying deeply. We will explore how our energetic structures have been shaped by our life circumstances and how we can re-programme these, to live more fully, in service of our higher life purpose.
A personal healing journey through the Chakra system
A new model for professional practice
Health and vitality for practitioners and patients
Tracking energy – identifying and clearing obstacles to energy flow
Enhancing observation/perception skills
The power of Presence
Case-taking and prescribing from an energetic perspective
Fresh insights into “new” and “old” remedies
Practice building
Tools for continued self-care/healing

Creating and manifesting a new vision for practice

This retreat is particularly suitable for courageous therapists and healers who wish to expand their understanding of energy medicine through a comprehensive programme of self-care and renewal.

(Please wear loose clothing, suitable for movement. Bring a pen and journal, set of coloured pencils, yoga mat and and an open heart/mind)

“Declan’s recent summer retreat in Helsinki has profoundly changed my world view 
and brought me deep healing for wounds that I wasn’t even aware that I had.” 
– Nina, Helsinki

Declan Hammond is co-founder and former director of The Irish School of Homeopathy, a homeopath, transpersonal therapist and shamanic practitioner. His retreats and unique Rainbow Bridge programme of self-care for practitioners have brought healing transformation to many.

Date; 5th – 7th April 2019 @ Lakeland Park, Queenstown
Limited Spaces – For further information contact Sue Fitzgibbon